"Cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years. It wasn't until recent history that marijuana was made illegal. Since the outlaw of marijuana, a lot has changed. Its value as a drug is starting to be rediscovered, but the its abuse by healthy individuals has never ended.

Pot has become the center of attention in the United States. With laws proposing full legalization becoming the center of debate. It seems as if every state will soon legalize pot use in one form or another shortly, just a matter of time.

Why do People Smoke Marijuana?

Why do people chose to ignore the warning and possibly break laws to smoke pot? It has been stated that over 80% of the world's population has at least tried it once. Some people smoke more frequently, some people smoke pot everyday with no intention to stop. Proving the possible risk of addiction and habit forming power of marijuana.

Lets look at this from a proponent's perspective, and find out why pot use is so prevalent. I have created a short list of reasons people do weed. Its in no particular order.

In moderation, Cannabis can be a miracle drug for millions. From people that smoke weed for glaucoma to its newly discovered anti tumour powers. The reason so many do weed is because as a medicine its one of the safest and presents virtually no risk when compared to itsPharmaceutical counterparts. A  But with the abuse of any medicine, there is risks, with marijuana, the risks are not so obvious. It’s important to understand that the abuse only villainizes the drug. We need to let others know that if you don't need pot medically, use just increasing the negative images associated with it.