There is always a way around any test and for any substance. Here you can learn every sneaky little trick that has helped thousand of our visitors pass!

Urine testing is a cheap and popular way to check for illicit substances. The active drug metabolite doesn't stay in the system for too long. Marijuana test don't test for the active compound, they test for the inactive counterpart. THC-COOH is the result of the body's breakdown of THC. The cut off level for this substance is about 20 ng/ml to 100 ng/ml.

How Long Does THC Stay in your System

So its really a trace amount test for a chemical that has no intoxicating effect

Not everyone's the same, and the amount of time necessary to eliminate testable metabolites from your urine depends on a few factors

A chronic user can test positive for a longer time than a casual smoker. Because THC-COOH the by product of THC is stored in the body fat it can accumulate with every use. So if you smoke on a regular basis, you are likely to fail the drug screening. Its important to stop and give yourself time to start a natural cleanse.

What is an Occasional User?

When it comes to the long half life of pot, an occasional user would have to be someone that smokes only once a every other month. since its possible for testable compound to be detectable for up to 3 weeks, you would have to exceed that period.  If you haven't completely expelled every trace, you can accumulate more. That would extend the time until you test clean.

If you have only smoked once every or in the last 3 months, you may be able to pass after only 3 days. I would not change anything less than 2-3 weeks.

So How Can You Pass a The Test?

Since marijuana is such a stubborn drug to expel naturally, a frequent pot smoker should try at least one of number of different detox methods.

Dilution: Drinking tons of water before the screening. Its popular and easy, but you can risk giving a sample that gets rejected.

Drug cleansing drinks: Very popular, fairly safe and for the most part they work. Always do research and check out a few reviews. They are not all the same and some can even be detected. THC Detox Now, Check out our favorite products.

Potable Aqua: Ouch this one might be dangerous, but a lot of people swear by it. So I guess it might work. I would never try it, just doesn't seem like a good idea."How To Pass a drug Test With Potable Aqua Tablets But here is the info.

Niacin: An oldie that'€™s worked for a very long time. It can also be dangerous, so be careful if you try it. It seems to be more effective if you have a lower body fat percentage and your intent is to sweat it out."Niacin detox : Can It Help You Pass A Drug Test ?", If your going to give it a shot, this is a how to.

Certo or Pectin jelly: Popular and a little out there. It seems like a good way to get diabetes. The idea is to coat your stomach lining with pectin and that this will block you from peeing out any drug toxins.Certo Drug Test Method, to try it or read up on it here.

....and don'€™t forget the "Whizzinator, Urinator, Pissinator: Passing With Prosthetics" whizzinator guide!

Any path you pick, be safe. The best bet is to stop smoking marijuana if you must. Stay active and eat right, having low body fat and an active lifestyle can make a huge difference in the amount of time needed to detox."