What is The Tamisium Extractor?

If you are trying to extract large amounts of cannabis oil (hash oil )for medical purposes, there is a device called the Tamisium Extractor that was designed in 2004 that has proven to be a very efficient process. The device was originally designed to extract oil from almost any plant using butane ( bho also known as butane honey oil ) in a low temperature system instead of the high temperature systems most often used to extract cannabis oil. There are two basic models. The one that is of most interest for our purposes is the tabletop version.

This is intended to be a general guide to the device and the process. There are a number of forums, web sites, and videos available on the Internet where you can get more detailed information. We hope this will give you a running start and point you in the right direction.

Educational purposes only: Readers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their state and local laws before considering an extraction; even states with medical marijuana programs still ban cannabis concentrates. Solvents and their fumes can be dangerous in enclosed spaces. Proper, professional laboratory space should be used to ensure safety and adequate ventilation.

How It Works

A few notes about the physics of the system are in order. It is a closed system designed to control the enthalpy energy of the solvent and complete the extraction process without the use of pumps. Enthalpy is basically a way to describe the change and transfer of energy in a closed system that is under a constant pressure (see "Enthalpy" for a more technical description). The idea behind Tamisium Extraction is that by using butane as the solvent the pressure of the environment can be controlled and the solvent recaptured for reuse.

The basic components of the diy (do-it-yourself) system are:

note about butane: There is some debate as to what specific kind of butane to use. Some say that 5x Vector butane is 100 percent n-butane. There are other components such as propane in 5x Vector that could negatively affect the quality of the result. For the sake of purity, it is best to know the type of gas you are using.

What follows is an overview of the process, with some details included. Depending whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or buy a Tamisium Extractor kit, the step-by-step details will vary.

The can of butane is connected to a cooled down Tamisium Extractor through a connector and allowed to fill the receiving tank with the desired amount – usually about 2200 grams in weight of butane. Placing the filter at the bottom of the column connector, you then pack the desired amount of natural herb into the column connector. It is generally best to use a wooden dowel to pack the herb to avoid any possibility of metal contamination. Measure the final weight of the product that has been packed into the column.

Connect the quick release valve to the receiving tank. Place the top of the connector column onto the cylinder, sealing it with a lubricated O-ring. Connect the connector column to the receiving tank, placing a second O-ring on top and fastening it with the custom clamp. Hand tighten the clamp. Do not over tighten and do not use any tools to secure the clamp. Open the quick release valve to ensure there is no immediate build up of pressure. Then insert the assembled unit into the container of ice.

Once the receiving tank is sufficiently cold, about 32 degrees, the next step is the extraction process itself. Place the Tamisium Extractor on the scale. This allows a constant measurement of the amount of butane that has been transferred to the connector column. The pressure valve should read zero. The total time for emptying the butane should be about 3 minutes. The butane then dissolves the herb, turning it into the desired product.

The final step in the process in done by placing the Tamisium Extractor tank into a bucket filled with ice and the receiving tank into a bucket of hot (110 degree) water. The gas in the receiving tank will evaporate and pass through the connected tubing where it will condense back into the liquid form of butane.

The result of the process is a higher quality product that is produced by a higher efficiency system than conventional heat pump systems.

Warnings: As with any solvent, the materials used in the Tamisium Extractor system are extremely flammable and volatile. When using the system, be sure there is no open flame or electrical spark near the working area.

Where to Find One

Virtually all the components you need to construct your own Tamisium Extractor can be found on auction sites such as eBay.

If you choose to try the do-it-yourself approach, be sure to get the highest quality and safest materials possible. This is device where shortcuts and being cheap can have disastrous results. The best advice is to find someone who has some experience in the construction of homemade Tamisium Extractions and learn from them.

If you choose to buy the device from the company itself, you can go to tamisiumextractors.com. It comes complete with step-by-step instructions.