Sometimes the idea of using your own urine for a pee test doesn’t seem like a good option. Maybe you’re not confident that enough time has passed since you quit or using a detox doesn’t seem like a sure bet. In that case your only option may be bringing in someone else urine or using a synthetic urine substitute. Let’s take a look at the best method for sneaking in urine.

This guide will work as well for females as males. So, I’m not leaving the girls out of this or just trying to throwing a generic guide together.

Fake Urine

First off using fake pee or synthetic urine can work and has worked for many people. There is only one fake urine product I have ever used and it worked, but keep in mind it was a long time ago. But the Powdered Urine Kit here is the best. It has everything you need to give a sample in one kit. The container with a temperature strip as well as a heating pad. There are a few other providers but no one makes it as easy as these guys.

Another option would be Magnum Synthetic urine. I have never used that brand but heard they work fairly well. You can pick it up at Amazon, make sure to order it well in advanced. I would try to grab a bottle as soon as I know that there is a possibility of getting tested.

Fake pee almost doesn’t expire. Especially the powdered version. It has a long shelf life, so you can store it. Magnum Synthetic urine comes in a liquid for and won’t last as long, but you will still get a few months of storage time.

Does Fake Urine Work?

This is a tough question, just likely thing else there’s a few factors that can reduce your chances of passing. One of the biggest problems with substituting urine is getting the right temps. There is two ways to get around this. One is using a heating pad the other is how you carry it. In either case, a keeping it in a container that has a temp strip can make a huge difference.

Can the testing lab tell if your sample is fake? Most of the time the answer is no. Synthetic urine is made to chemically match real pee. So they can’t tell the difference. With the case of Magnums Synthetic urine, you may be taking more of a risk. That’s just because it comes in liquid form and who knows how long that bottles been on the shelf.

Test Clears powdered urine kit is the best option

Using Clean Urine

So let’s say you have someone that is willing to give you some of their urine for a drug test. This is a great option and it works more often than not. But, you still have a couple of things to consider. First how long can you store it before you use it? Second is the temps, labs are very strict when it comes to the temperature of a urine sample.

How Much Pee is needed?

One thing I haven’t gotten into yet is the amount of urine needed for a urine sample. Too little and they will ask you to go back and resubmit your sample. That can be a big problem if you’re substituting. You can avoid this by bringing and providing enough the first time. When the give you the testing cup, they will usually show you a line and ask you to provide at least that amount. It’s a standard amount for every test, the testing lab won’t make a difference.

According to, you will need to give at least 15ml to 30ml of urine. That’s just about an ounce. An ounce in liquid is around two tablespoons. Don’t just carry that amount, if you can get keep more on you do it. Once you give a bit over the fill line dump the rest.

How to keep Pee Warm

Lets refer back to for the urine temperature:

“If the temperature of a urine specimen is outside the range of 90 °F to 100 °F (32 °C to 38 °C), that is a reason to believe the donor may have altered or substituted the specimen”

Also stated in the same article is a time limit of 4 minutes for them to check temps. That’s why most sample cups have a temp strip right on them. You may also notice that after providing your sample, the first thing the lab techs do is check that strip. As you can see, if it’s outside that 90 to 100 temp range they will assume that there was some type of alteration or substitute.

So how can You Keep Urine at Body Temperature?

There are a couple of tricks you can use. One of the best ways to keep urine warm is to keep it close to your body. A lot of people will strap it as close as possible between their legs. This is a very warm part of the body that stays at about the right temp.

Another option is to heat up urine to the right temperature. This can be done with one of those hand warmer packs. You can keep a warmer wrapped around the container before you get to the lab or try and do it there.

Ok, so let’s say you pee in the cup but the temps still a little too high or low, what do you do.

After you pour the UA sample and the temps to high, don’t panic. Once you’re in the rest room area you have all the time you need. It’s not easy to pee on demand so they can’t really rush you. Fill the cup and wait it out. Worst case scenario is that you used a defective hand warmer that set the temp way over 100 degrees. In that case and if you are by the toilet, hold the cup in the toilet water for a few seconds. It should get the temps down.

If the pee temperature is a little below 90 degrees, remember you don’t actually have to heat up the urine, just the strip. You can try rubbing it with your finger, holding the cup with the strip facing your palm. Or just keeping a hand warmer on the strip for a couple of seconds.

Sneak in Urine

This may seem to be the most nerve racking part but it isn’t. If this is an unsupervised UA test. Meaning they will not actually watch you pee into the cup, it shouldn’t be a big deal. I doubt they will pat you down or strip search you.

One of the oldest tricks in the book is still the best. An empty Visine bottle is easy to carry, small and contains just about the right amount of pee, 1oz. The only issue is it’s not so easy to fill up. Take in 2 bottle if possible. Other options for pee containers for a drug test are:

Guys should be find a container that they can hold close to their body. This is if you’re not using heat pads and relying on body heat. You can tape it to your upper inner thigh, keep it in your underwear or taped by your armpit.

How to Sneak Urine into a Drug Test for Females

Girls can do the same, but may have an advantage of using compression shorts. I had purchased “hot pants” once as a way to burn fat. If they really work, I’m not sure, but they do make you sweat like crazy. Whenever I take them off I think about how awesome they would be for a girl to sneak in substitute urine. It would be the right temp for sure and very easy to conceal.

I guess the possibility of burning fat and reducing cellulite is a bonus!