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Does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Work?

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If you have spent any time searching the net trying to find out what the best synthetic urine is, I’m sure you have came across Quick Fix. If you haven't yet, let me give you the rundown. Quick Fix Synthetic urine is fake pee in a bottle, Well its more than that, it's a whole fake urine kit. That comes with a 200% money back guarantee if it fails a urine test.

The $29 Kit includes:

The $39 kit is the same except you get 3oz instead of just 2oz. Whats the difference?, 2oz is the minimum required for a 5 panel test. If the test is for more than 5 substances, 2oz might not be enough. You can also opt in for the stealth leg strap for an additional $20 or a belt for about $30 more. You don't need to spend all that, here is a cheaper way to carry urine without being detected.

What I like about Quick Fix

Quick Fix Instructions

How to use the bottled urine and heating pad

The most complicated part of using any artificial urine is temperature and concealment. If your wondering what's the best way to hide a urine, check out a previous article. For now, lets get into the €œhow to€ directions for Quick Fix.

  1. First, microwave it for ten seconds or tie on the heating pad that comes with it for one hour
  2. Check temp strip on of bottle, should be between 95 to 100 degrees before use
  3. Shake the bottle before
  4. Give sample

Simple enough, lets find out if it worked for my friend.

Is it legit?

So will Quick Fix pass a urine test? First this is a second hand review, a female friend of mine ended up using her emergency stash after getting into a minor accident at work. She had purchased Quick Fix Plus almost a year ago and had it sitting in her work locker since. Good thing it has a long shelf life. I don'€™t remember if the package had an expiration date, but they did make a 2 year promise. So Quick Fix doesn'€™t go bad for a long time.

So, she finally had to use Quick Fix, here's the details and outcome. After having a run in with a puddle of water on the cafeteria floor, she had a close up of the new ceramic tiles. This happened in front of everyone, so there was no getting away from it.

She got up and told everyone she's fine and ran off into the locker room. Grabbed the Quick Fix and throw it into the micro then into her pocket. It wasn't more than 5 minutes later that they came over to get here.

Three days later and the verdict, Fail! ..and that's why I don't trust fake urine, too many potential fails. It was OK this time, this was just her summer “keep me busy gig”. But for anything other, I would of never let her chance it.

The best ways to detox

in my opinion and in the following order, each one of this is a link, click on them for more information

Quitting Marijuana - If your clean, you will pass. Detoxing from weed isn't hard, but if you need guidance this book can help.

Detox drinks - liquid and ready to drink. They work within an hour and last a long time.

Detox Pills - The shelf life is even longer, you just need water of juice to get it down.

Clean urine - If you can get it in time and it's fresh enough. This is only if you have no other options.

Fake Powdered Urine - Synthetic urine is only for the absolutely desperate. Although depending on your situation, it may be your only option. This brand is the best.

I hope this story helped you out. There are a lot of options out there, its important to make the right decision. Best bet is to just quit, but we all now that takes time and it also takes time for your system to clear out toxins.