A hair sample drug test is nothing new. It has been around since 1995, that's when the Society of Hair Testing was created. They came together to promote the use and research of hair strand analysis for forensic purposes. The SoHT has developed the guidelines which are accepted and used today by the global clinical community. This includes any form of forensic testing of hair strands.Today the popularity is growing rapidly. It was once only reserved for military personnel or if requested by the U.S Court system. The price to perform the analysis has dropped and the labor is almost completely automated. Currently this invasive form of testing has almost become routine. This may be part of every Pre-employment drug screening in the near future.

How To Pass A Hair Drug Test: An All You Need To Know Guide

How Far Back Does it Check: Unlike a urine analysis that can only check for drug metabolites that are currently in your system, a hair test for drugs can go further back. Reaching months and depending on where the sample was taken, years. The look back period is part of what makes this form of screening so attractive to the legal system, employment and insurance industries.

Is It Foolproof: Urinalysis was once also thought of as unbeatable. The National Institute of Drug Abuse which many was considered a money pit is now a nearly forgot branch of government. The NIDA is responsible for taking urinalysis out of the criminal systems and bringing it into the public realm. By funding and producing huge campaigns during the 60’s. This NIDA propaganda was created to incite a social paranoia. Exaggerating the dangers of marijuana use as well as other substances.

It didn't take long for people to discover ways to cheat. Theories, methods and myth’s soon started to emerge. Out of this detox products were developed. The Urinalysis is now beatable. The same has become of the hair strand drug test.

Why Do So Many People Test Positive: The biggest hurdle or "Con" is a Positive. This is considered as proof of tampering, even if its a mistake on the part of the lab. Anything other than a negative for drugs will be considered a positive. Sometimes even if no substance appeared on sample.

Drug Hair Test Facts: Hair follicle drug testing has been known as the end all. Aside from blood drug testing which must be court mandated, the follicle test is the most accurate and difficult to trick or pass.

How To Pass A Hair Drug Test For Weed

A marijuana hair test is extremely difficult, but more and more are reporting a pass, with new methods and products coming out everyday. The pass rate is rising amongst marijuana smokers. Unlike a urinalysis, which for pot smokers has the longest detection time. A hair sample has the same detection time for any drug.

How To Beat A Hair Drug Test: Unlike water soluble drugs that run their course through your system within a few days. Marijuana can takes months before your body naturally detoxifies it. This natural detoxification will not remove traces for your hair. The only known method to beat a hair follicle drug test, that is the MacCujo method, also known as the G method. The rate of success is around 60% to 65%. The fail rate may be high due to not following procedures correctly, using the wrong products or not repeating the steps needed to fully detox thc or other drugs from the hair strands.

Hair Drug Test FAQ

I haven't Done Any Drugs For Over A Month, Will I Pass?: No, not without a hair detox product or method. You may pass a urine, blood or saliva test, but hair keeps a record of drug use for 90 days. This doesn’t matter if it was your first time or if you just took a puff. If you got high, the drug was in your system and is detectable.

How Long Do I Have To Stay Clean To Pass A Hair Strand Test?: The sample taken can go back to about 90 days. This also depends on where the strand is taken from. Pubic hairs samples can reach as far back as a year or even more. So to answer the question, you need to be drug free for at least 3 months to naturally pass.

How Can I Pass a Hair Drug Test For Methamphetamines?: Same process, the Mac Method or a reliable product. The MacCujo Method will need to be performed at least 3 to 4 times before a sample is given. Some have passed after only repeating 2 or 3 times.

I Have A Hair Sample Drug Test Coming Up, How Can I prepare?: The best preparation is knowledge. Do your best to acquire information about the testing lab before hand. If you know what lab will be performing the test call them, just don't share your information.If you know someone who has taking the same test ask them how was it done. The most important question you can ask is “From where was the sample taken from”.

You need to know if they take a sample from the head or body. If its from the body what part? Plenty of people fail because they wasted a week preparing their head hairs, only to find out the samples are taken from the armpit. When it comes to passing a hair drug test, this is the number one key!

Can A Hair Sample Test Say When I Did Drugs?: It is possible but the test is not done that way. It is simple enough to grab a bigger sample and cut it to month long lengths and tested, but that's just not the case. It is a 90 day exam that returns a positive or negative. The drugs found are indicated.

Can I Use “Dry Shampoo” To Beat The Test?: No, that probably not work.

What Is The Mac Method?: Its a process that needs to be repeated a few times before the test. The MacCujo method works by rupturing the hair follicles. This technique takes time and must be repeated at least 2 times before being tested. Details on how to perform this method is provided here step by step. All in one product do exist, but they must also be repeated a few times. Here is the products we suggest.

They Took A Pubic Samples For Testing!: The growth rate for pubic hairs is different. Because it is a lot slower, they can check for over 90 days. You will most likely want to avoid this type of sample.

Can I Do The Mac Method On Pubic Hairs?: Yes, it does work on pubic hairs, but you might irritate the sensitive skin. You are better off shaving or waxing pubic hairs.

A Friend Told Me They Take Armpit Hair Samples For Testing: If you know for sure that the samples are taken from body hair, shave. Plenty of people shave or wax body hairs. It would not be considered abnormal and you cannot be discriminated for having no body hair. The last thing you want to do is give a pubic sample.

Should I Shave My Head Before I Go To The Testing Lab?: No, that is probably the worst idea. First it looks suspicious, second it leave no other choice but to use body hair. You want to do your best not to have body hair tested.

I Heard MacCujo Method Destroys Your Hair: Yes, it will. The point is to rupture the hair shafts and remove any trace of drugs from the inside and outside of the follicle. This will leave your hair severely damaged. You maybe able to restore your hair back to health, but usually you’ll have to let it grow out.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Passing: Unlike every other form of drug testing, this one really leaves you no choice. The Mac method or this suggested product is the only way to pass.

Here's an outline that will increase your chances of success: