There's nothing worse than taking a drug test within short notice. It might be the call after a job interview, a surprise screening at work or a some random drug test at work. The point is no one likes to be surprised, especially if they are not sure of the outcome. Maybe you have been clean for a month or just smoked weed the other day. Lets figure out how we can detox in 1 day and hopefully pass.

First, I don’t think fruading a screening is a good idea for four reasons:

The best way to pass any screening with a hundred percent guarantee, is to be clean. Although you're going to run across a ton of products that guarantee success or your money back, doesn't mean they will work for you. There's really a ton of variables involved and not everyone's the same. The Products I recommend have the highest success rate. Not just from my experience, but from friends and other that have contributed and commented on this site. You can find them here.

Pass The Drug Test in One Day

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If you have used any illicit drug within the last 30 days a detox product may be necessary. Especially if the you have used Cannabis, weed takes the longest to detox. If you haven't smoked pot, but use drugs like Cocaine or abuse pharmaceuticals like Adderal, the metabolites can be flushed out easily, depending on amount used. Let's assume, you have either smoked weed or used any other drug within the last 24 to 48hrs. You have just gotten notice of a pending screening the next day. You know your dirty, so what can you do.

Here are some tips:

By sticking to those tips, the chances of passing a urine test will be more than doubled. If you have any questions about it, feel free to comment. Me or someone in the community maybe able to help you out.

How to Improve Your Chances

The factors that determine your success rate is:

  1. Type of screening
  2. Drugs in your system<
  3. Last time you have used and how often

By getting a clearer picture of these factors we can determine your rate of success. The other possible factors are your activity level, body fat percentage and how often you hydrate.

Type of Screening

First what type of screening is this, the type of test makes a big difference. For example, if its a urine test, you might be able to naturally detox within a month. A hair follicle test will take longer, 3 months and blood maybe just a couple of weeks. If you are not sure what type of screening it is we can guess. Usually any type of employment, pre employment or on the job screening is UA, or a urine analysis. If it's ordered by a court and depending on the reason for the court order, it may be hair or blood. It's always best to find out first, you should have already been informed.

Drugs in Your System

What drugs have you taken in the last 3 months. Some drugs toxins are expelled naturally and quickly. For example, one time cocaine use can be expelled within a week. Where as one time marijuana use is detectable for up to one month. So think back and try to recall what might be in your system. If you have any prescriptions make sure to find a copy and bring it in with you. Have them ready for the lab tech before the screening. This will allow the lab techs to bypass any possible fails. Proof of prescription after the fact is not as effective and requires some negotiation skills.

Last Time You Have Used and How Often

Have you used any possible illicit drugs in the last 90 days? If you have been clean for the last 90 days, you will pass any drug screening, no matter what. If you have used within that period, the drug, frequency and amount used is a factor. Marijuana can show up in a pee test for about a month after the last time you smoked. The time Cocaine is in your system for a little less time. If you have only used coke once in the past 30 days, you can test clean in a week. If you're a frequent user of cocaine, it may also take up to a month.

The Other Factors

Activity, body fat and hydration. If you are usually an active person that drinks a lot of water. The chances of flushing out drug toxins quickly is better than someone not as active. Some drugs metabolites are cleared out a lot easier than others. For example, if your not a frequent cocaine user, that's active, you may be able to pass a drug test a day after use. While THC metabolites are stored body fat and needs to be burned off. This process can also be speed up by drinking water and exercising.

If you have a low body fat percentage, exercise and drink plenty of water, your success rate is double the average user. Note that this only counts for urinalysis, blood and saliva. A hair follicle screening is 90 days no matter your activity and body type. Some have tried other method to beat a hair drug test.