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I don’t like taking chances with "DIY" remedies that friends claim worked for “some guy that’s a friend of a friend”. Swab tests are Easy to cheat with this Product. It’s as easy as swishing a little bit in your mouth before you get swabbed. It’s a small one once container that can hide in your pocket and dispose of quickly. I keep one handy just in-case. It hasn't failed me or any of my co-workers yet!

Passing a Saliva Drug Test

Companies aren't as easy to fool now as they once were. I remember when an accident at the work place required a trip to the lab for a pee test. The whole thing would take the majority of the day. Which would give you plenty of time to down your one hour THC Detox and drink gallons of water. It’s not so easy now. The first time I had seen a co-worker take a mouth swab drug test I couldn't believe it. He was seriously injured, before they even called for medical attention they rammed a swab into his mouth.

Not only did he lose his job, he didn't apply for any benefits of compensation. The injury was totally on his lap, medical bills and all. After that I was scared, I had stopped smoking weed completely for a while. I remember searching the internet and asking friends how to cheat a saliva drug test. There were tons of theories and over the 6 months of sobriety, I have seen them all fail.

First was just keeping a small bottle of Listerine in your pocket for a quick rinse. It didn't do more than freshening breath. Another coworker tried hydrogen peroxide that was a bust. One guy even walked around with a penny in his mouth all day. All of them ended up hurt and on the unemployment line. I just kept trucking, living the clean life. A beer of cup of wine after work instead of a joint, it was terrible!

Every day at worked seemed so gloomy. It was like a futuristic human slave plant. People stopped talking to each other, everyone kept their eyes to the ground. We all worked very slow and safely, not that that's a bad thing. But no one could afford an injury.

Until one day!! A friend passed the saliva drug test!! When here results came back then she showed up for work the next day. Wait a second, I know for a fact she got high the night before! How did she pass the mouth swab drug test? What did she do? Everyone crowded her during break, we all had to know what the secret was.

She went online and ordered the rinse for passing saliva tests

They work, and she was proof. I couldn't wait to order a bottle. Luckily she had stashed a few of them and gave me one. I got high as a kit that night, we all did. Later, about 4 months later. I had gotten stung by a bee at work. No big deal, but guess what, that was enough to be submitted for a swab test, insane. I was a little worried, but by this time a few people had tried the mouth rinse and passed. I was concerned because for the last 4 months I had been walking around with this little bottle in my pocket. I wasn't sure at all how it worked or if it lost potency.

Order the Mouth Rinse! Easy as that!"

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