Support Angela Brown and her family through this difficult time by making a donation to her GofundMe (update - no longer active) page. Also reach out to the beasts that have put her sons life in danger by cutting off his ""Real"" medication as well as attempting to destroy a family by locking up their mother Sign this petition to drop the charges against Angela Brown.

Big Pharmas Strong Hold Exposed By Angela Browns Story

Cannabis oil is becoming a true source of medical miracles. From treating nausea to stopping the growth of aggressive brain cancer cells. The true strength of this incredible and natural medicine has been suppressed for over a hundred years. It wasn’t until recently that the potential curing affects of concentrated cannabinoids was discovered and publicized. Today we see reports time and time again of people being cured of what modern sciences considers a death sentence. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a desperate mother would do what she must to save her sons life. What is surprising and disgusting is the treatment she is getting form local authorities.

Angela Brown's son had been suffering from severe tremors in which he has been harming himself. It started when their son Trey who was 12 at the time, had a traumatic brain injury.

He had been treated by numerous doctors and prescribed over 15 different drugs. These ""legal"" prescription drugs didn’t seem to help out Trey. If anything they caused more harm. Young Trey started suffering from depression due to the medication. It also caused further injury due to increased serotonin. Seeing no relief in her sons condition. Angela decided to take a trip to Colorado for an alternative medicine.

The Cannabis oil worked. Shortly after treating Trey with a few drops, his muscle tension eased and Trey was able to start living like a normal child his age. It didn’t take to long until the school system found out about the oil and reported her to the authorities. They confiscated her sons medication and she is currently facing charges and possible 2 years of jail time. Charged with child endangerment and no THC oil to treat her son, the Brown family needs support.