WARNING: This is for information only, do not try to attempt the steps out line in this article or video.

Back in 2004 Rick Simpson posted information on his site “Phoenix Tears” (Phoenixtears.ca) . It was directions for the general public to create what he called natures cure. Since then many have recreated his RSO oil. Rick Simpson oils has become an extremely popular medication on the internet since then and amount of collecting data proving Simpson’s claims are mounting.

The truth is that this “breakthrough” concentrated cannabis oil has been know to cure disease and ease suffering for a very long time now. It really has been suppressed by greedy pharma. The pharmaceutical giants have tried to replicate the healing power of marijuana for a very long time. Creating synthetic versions of individual cannabinoids. At the same time making claims that MJ has no medical value.

Dronabinol or Marinol was one of the first. Created as a treatment for nausea in 1985. This synthetic version of Delta-9 THC is still around and as useless as every.

Why Synthetic Cannabinoids Always Fail

The Marijuana plant contains over 80 different cannabinoids. They work together and react in harmony with our natural Endocannabinoid system. The complexity of how these cannabinoids react with each other any our Endocannabinoid system is a mystery. Replicating a cannabinoid or two will never produce the same healing effect.

The human endocannabinoid system itself it a fairly new discovery. Cannabis is the most complexing and misunderstood medical herb.

Lucky, Ricks documentary,  “Run From The Cure” is a walk-through on how to produce RSO oil yourself, where legal. The issue is that he uses about 5 lb of dry herb. This is a huge amount of marijuana and for some of us its very expensive. He also uses a solvent that had to find and also extremely toxic. Rick has created a general outline to follow, showing us all how to make RSO, now lets move it to the smaller scale.

Make RSO, THC Oil At Home

I found this video a while back that describes the process of making THC oil with a small amount of cannabis at home. With only one ounce of dried Marijuana you will be able to produce 2-4 grams of THC Oil. The amount of resin in the strain used will be the deciding factor. One ounce of Pot is also easy to break up, So when you soak it into the solvent, it is allowed to penetrate the herb and release the oils. Try to only use high quality organic cannabis. Any toxic contaminants or pesticides that may have been used during the cultivation will be carried over to the extract.

Items Needed:


  1. Pour the cannabis into a large bowl
  2. Pour the Everclear into the bowl, soaking and covering the herb
  3. Mix, stir and mash the Marijuana in the solvent for about 3
  4. Allow it to sit in the Everclear for an additional 3-5 minutes
  5. Strain the herb with the Muslin bag, collecting the liquid in a separate container
  6. Take the strained herb out the bag and repeat the process for a second time. Collecting the liquid and adding it to the previous liquid.
  7. At this point you can discard the herb, all the resin and oils should already be extracted into the EverClear.
  8. Pour the extract into the double boiler on very low heat
  9. Allow the alcohol to evaporate
  10. After the alcohol is boiled off all you should be left with is a very dark green, almost black oil. You can then collect the oil in a syringe.

Tip: to collecting the last few drops of RSO oil is to use a small Coconut or virgin olive oil to loosen up the oils that may be stuck to the pan