Considered to be one of the most commonly abused drugs by being people looking to "get a mental advantage" over their peers. Has the benefits of overall exaggerated, while the risks involved with its use down played. let's take a quick look into this drug. Its benefits, health risks and possible alternatives that may not pose a risk to an otherwise healthy individual.

What are the Long Term Effects of Adderall?

The long term effects will vary from person to person, as is the case for virtually every type of prescription drug. When taken as prescribed and under the care of a physician, the long term effects of using Adderall are minimal, though people with Turret’s Syndrome and other diseases that affect motor control may experience a worsening of the condition. Over time, many people report they feel less hungry and will eat less, though the significant weight loss associated with this side effect is not always seen as a negative.

Is Adderall bad for your long term health?

When considering the long term health dangers, the purpose of the drug must be considered. Adderall is an amphetamine (actually four different amphetamines packed into a single pill) whose purpose is to stimulate the brain. Long term use of the drug results in the brain becoming overexcited, and with this effect comes the potential for memory loss, psychosis, and hallucinations. Of the three, memory loss is the most commonly negative effect reported.

Some users report a lower sex drive and impotence in men has been connected to Adderall’s long term use. Also, anti-social behaviour as well as violent and aggressive outbursts are often reported from users. Generally, friends and family of patients using Adderall notice a significant change in their behaviour.

Are There any Alternatives?

While OTC stimulants are easily available, it doesn’t mean that they are all %100 safe. Practice caution with any new compound, start at low to recommended dose to evaluate your tolerance. Click here for an Natural OTC alternative to Adderall , Focus Pep available at Amazon has been shown to provide the mental clarity associated with prescription strength drugs with out becoming addictive.If your looking to get a little bit of a mental edge, try safer herbal supplements first.

How does Adderall feel?

The effects on the body may vary person to person, but in general Adderall feels like speed. Its a little bit more relaxed and not as extreme as meth, although its in the same class of drugs. Most will describe the effects as giving you more energy and mental focus. Don't  let all the good reviews fool you, it does help with energy and mental clarity to a point. It also may be more effective for treating ADHD, but for people that are looking for a high, or that haven’t been prescribed the drug, it just feels like speed. Its not a super drug, its not that mental edge above the rest we are all craving, its just another drug.

In general, there is consistent medical evidence that it can cause one or more the the following symptoms:

Some of these side effects are only temporary in duration and abate after time. The government classifies this stimulant as a Class 2 drug and places a warning on the label that there have been reports of the drug being linked to serious heart problems.

Is Adderall bad for your liver?

The liver is the chemical factory of your body. If you are taking this medication the doctor will usually require periodic visits to test for any liver damage. Tests for liver damage are common for many other types of drugs, so this should not be a cause for concern. Research shows that constant use of Adderall increases the potential for liver and kidney damage, and people who overdose are much more likely to have liver damage.

What if you don't have ADD?

The positive cognitive effects of Adderall make it an attractive alternative to street drugs such as cocaine for people who do not have ADD. Many non-ADD users report almost no ill effects from taking the drug.

However, this evidence is anecdotal because controlled research on large groups of illegal users is not available. The reason for this is obvious: medicating healthy people is a serious breach of ethical conduct - and criminal. In short, people who take the drug solely for the purposes of gaining an academic or performance edge do so at their own risk.

Common Dangers

Can Adderall kill you?

There are reports that people who have suddenly died because of cardiac issues. Though the risk is low for adults under a physician’s care, there was one instance in which 12 children reported dying because of its use.

Adderall Cause Acne

It has been known to cause acne because of its function – exciting your brain to make your body perform harder. As was mentioned earlier with its effects on the liver, the toxins produced by your body as a result of using are normally secreted through the skin, among other places. When your body cannot keep up, acne may form because of the overproduction of toxins.

Adderall Cause Anxiety?

There are those who say using Adderall to reduce anxiety, specifically social anxiety, is a counter-intuitive approach because the drug is intended to overstimulate the brain. For most people, anxiety is a temporary side effect that will abate over time. Overdosing is more likely to produce high levels of anxiety.

Can Adderall help with depression or can it make you feel depressed?

This deserves a page all by itself, but the short version is that clinical psychologists resort to Adderall when most other forms of treating depression fail for a particular patient. It has its advantages as an improvement in focus, mood, and energy are commonly reported when used for treating specific types of depression. In contrast, the use of this drug for general depression cases has resulted in creating an even deeper depression as well as the much higher potential for dependency and addiction.

Can Adderall affect your period?

There are some reports that a woman’s period is shorter and the menstruation lighter than before using. Much of the information about the negative effects has been anecdotal. In one case, a woman complained that her period had stopped altogether, but the amount being taken was excessively high (80 mg.). The clinical studies have shown no effect on a woman’s period when the drug has been taken according the doctor’s prescribed advice.


As was stated earlier, the effects experienced by any prescription drug on a person, whether they are long term or temporary, will depend on a number of factors, including the person’s general health. The current evidence is that Adderall has few negative side effects when used as prescribed. Despite claims by its opponents, there is no research that the few potentially harmful side effects affects the general population, and that its benefits far outweigh the few negative outcomes."