Quitting marijuana, some may not consider it to be a difficult drug to stop cold turkey. The rest of us may need a little more help.

Although weed is not generally thought of as an addictive drug, it is possible to develop dependency. A regular everyday smoker will find it more difficult to quit than the average weekend pot smoker. If you happen be someone that has been smoking regularly for years and want stop smoking weed for good. There are ways to quitting smoking weed without having to sign up for the next marijuana anonymous meeting.

This may be your first attempt to quit smoking marijuana. You may have even already tried to quit marijuana a few times before and failed. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have made the decision to stop, what ever the reason may be, you can stop! Learning how to stop smoking weed can take some time but anyone can accomplish it.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

You can argue the addictive qualities of weed. Even though marijuana withdrawal may not carry the same symptoms associated with harder drug. Withdrawal from marijuana does have its own set of negative side effects and symptoms that may make it difficult for you to overcome.

Unlike other Schedule I drugs such as Heroin which can cause physical pain to the abuser attempting to quit. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms tend to be more physiological.Also because the natural weed detox times can range from 3 weeks to 3 months, cannabis withdrawal symptoms can make it very uncomfortable and emotionally draining for some.

Common withdrawal symptoms of weed:

Detoxing from weed can take longer if you have a higher body fat percentage or a slower metabolism. Since cannabis is fat soluble THC is stored in your body's fat cells. Its there until it is burned off and released.

How To Quit Smoking Weed

The first step to any action plan is identification. You must understand the difference between “use” and “abuse”. You need to know if you are really addicted to weed. Someone addicted to marijuana may not be able to tell that they are. Just like any other drug, there is a bit of denial associated with an addict.

It’s the “Why should I stop smoking weed” or “I can quit smoking weed whenever I'm ready to”, mentality that makes it hard to self identify. Look outside of your self to find the problem, but don’t blame others. If people around you, friends and loved ones tell you to quit, it may be time to quit.

Don’t wait to find reasons to stop smoking weed. You need to practice self discipline before it becomes a problem. Exercise your willpower everyday with little tasks. Simple things like skipping the sweets for a week or completing chores that you have been putting aside can prepare you.

Learning how to quit smoking weed cold turkey is not easy. Its ok to ask for help or seek out some support. The first step may be as simple as telling someone you trust, “I quit smoking weed today”. You may be surprised by their reaction and, if its truly a friend, their praise and support.

Quitting weed

It is often a good idea to sign up for a program to help you deal with the marijuana symptoms. There are plenty of great “How to detox from weed” type resources you can order online. You might realise all the benefits of quitting marijuana, but the thought of others seeing you as an addict may be preventing you from making the first step. The at home detox programs are a good way to keep your issue private.

A rehab for weed can be time consuming and may require you to attend programs at different locations. Although there is nothing wrong with that and it can be a good idea. It is usually necessary for someone addicted to marijuana. A detox from marijuana is something that can usually be done by your self, with some dedication and the right tools.

How To Detox From Marijuana

One of the best ways to combat the marijuana addiction symptoms is by speeding up the cleansing process. On this site we have outline plenty of products that can cleanse the THC toxins from your body. From drinks that work as fast as 1 hour to the best THC detox pills. Unfortunately you cannot use a drink or twenty dollar pack of pills to speed up the cleansing time.

The truth is most of those product only hide the marijuana metabolites from showing up on drug tests. If you only want to mask your drug use, then they are the best in the business. But if you are looking to truly clean out any drug toxins from your system, you will need a stronger product.

The 5 Day Detox works great towards the end of a cleansing cycle. Making sure to remove any residues that may not be moving as quickly. Because it is only a 5 Day Detox it can only shorten your cleansing time for about a week.

A 10 Day Cleanse is also available, and it may be able to cut your time by 2 weeks. The best thing about the two is that they not only help speed up your natural cleansing times, but they can also help you pass any type of drug test for the duration of the cleanse. That even includes any form of blood drug tests.

One of the best ways to ways to stop smoking weed is not through using a cleansing drink or pill. Its your own will and by just saying “I want to stop smoking weed”. Taking the first step is the hardest and no matter who you are there are plenty of good reasons to quit smoking weed. Besides the reasons there are a lot of good resources available online that can help you.

Why Is Weed So Addictive?

Its a complete 12 step marijuana detox program that you can do one your time. Its is more detailed than anything you're going to read online. Think about it, the weed that is being sold today is said to be over 100X stronger than it was only 5 years ago. The reefer of today is designed to be un-quit-able!

Take a look at this chart from Whitehouse.gov, it proves the incredible increase in THC contain. Marijuana THC potency has been ncreasing dramaticly. The spike in marijuanas potency has done more damage to the medical marijuana industry then help. The highs over 100% stronger and so is the addictive qualities.

Marijuana has been genetically modified by the commercial pot industry to increase its THC content. Its a trend that doesn't show any signs of slowing down. With the legalization of medical marijuana, producers are in a race to exceed each other. Although it is extremely beneficial as a medicine, it can also easily be abused. I have always and still do advocate its legalization. As a medicine, its a wonderful and natural alternative to hundreds if not thousands of synthetic drugs. The synthetics pose more of a threat than any natural drug. But this doesn't mean there is no danger associated to pot smoke.

Along with all the amazing studies and discoveries of marijuana health benefits has came some bad news. It has been discovered that long term pot smoking actually rewires the human brain. It basically changes the way your brain works, make it very difficult for you to quit. This is also why there has been a growing demand for THC cleansing products and programs. As more states legalize, more and more people are getting sucked into this high potency marijuana trap.

This is also why you may need to consider possibly quitting, and once you do, why its going to be so difficult.