Why it doesn't Matter First, the cut off of detectable THC metabolites is 50 ng/ml, which at first might seem hopeful. A cut off is a good thing right?, In a way it is, but how much is 50 ng/nl really?

1mg (milligram) is equal to 1000 ng/nl

One Mg of salt is about half a teaspoon of salt, so imagine a half a teaspoon of salt split into one thousand, now you get the idea. 50 ng/nl is a minute trace amount. That means even the tiniest amount of THC or, as you'll find out THC COOHin your urine will trigger a fail for drugs. So, if you haven't used marijuana is days or even months, it may still be detectable. But, there is a way to beat this…

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Diluting or drinking a lot of water is still part of the best ways clear out THC. By drinking a lot of water, you not only drop your THC levels, you also drop or lose all minerals that are normally found in urine, this is a big problem.

===YOU WILL FAIL, if you rely on diluting alone. If your urine does not have the normal minerals, the labs void the sample. That's where Detox drinks come in. They help you restore natural minerals in urine, while disguising any drug metabolites. This is the only one I trust right now. I have been recommending it for years and haven't seen a bad response yet. If it was me, I wouldn't take the chance.

How Long Does THC Stay in Your System

No matter what sites you check or how much research you do, it's almost impossible to get accurate information on how long does THC stay in your system. That because, well, it's kind of a general question now a days. If you really need to know there's two things to consider, the Why and How.

Why do you need to know? In most cases, people ask this question because they are preparing for a drug test and what to know if they have been clean for long enough to pass. We will get into that in  a little bit. Don't stop reading here. Another reason may be just plan interest. You just want to know how long. The answer for you is easy, 3 weeks to 3 months. That depends on use and frequency of use.

The “How” is kind of a loaded question, it requires some thought, but is the key to passing a drug test for weed. This is because we need to know a few “How” to get the best idea for how long it will take for THC to get out of your system.

We don't need to get into too much detail on all of these, just know that 3 months is the absolute worst case scenario. If you have been using large amounts of marijuana for years, are 80% body fat and don't drink water. It would take you 3 months to detox THC from your system. But let's be alittle more realistic. First, THC and its metabolites are stored in your body fat. This is kind of a bad thing, it makes marijuana one of the easiest drugs to detect. It also makes it hard to detox. The rate of detox almost completely depends on your bodies ability to burn off fat.

THC is Only One of The Detectable Compound

Everyone’s worried about THC when it comes to testing, but the truth is THC is not stored in the body. The only way THC is detectable is if you are high at the time of the test. Or if you sprinkle some into the urine sample. So basically, unless you really want to fail due to THC detection, you won't. But that doesn't mean you're totally off the hook, not at all. THC-COOH, that's the dirty little compound that's stored in body fat and slowly expelled through fluids, like urine. It is the main metabolite for Marijuana drug testing. Its also a fingerprint that has no other reason for being in your system other that using Pot. So, you can't really talk your way out of that one.

How Long is THC Detectable in Urine?

OK, so now we have an idea of what to look for and how it's stored. You probably also already have an idea of what it takes to get THC (THC-COOH) out of your system. That's right burn fat, diet, exercise and plenty of water is the only way to really get the detectable metabolites out of your body naturally. For drug testing purposes, there is a cut off level. This level is the amount of THCCOOH in urine or blood that can trigger a fail for use. In most labs its 50 ng/ml Cut Off, any test detecting a lower level would be inaccurate and invalid.

Although there is a lot of evidence to suggest that one time use, or very infrequent use is not detectable after only 4 days. These studies are often performed by the drug labs themselves, real world experience would suggest other wise. I don't know anyone that has given a urine sample and passed after smoking less than a week ago. Moral of the story, play it safe all the time, one week alone is not enough.

Getting THC Out

The most common mistake people make when trying to detox for a screening is drinking too much water and not replenishing minerals. Diluting urine used to be the best way to pass a urine test. But, times have changed and labs are a lot better at detecting drugs and if your urine is diluted. By the way, diluted urine is a fail!

That means the good old days of drinking until your urine is clear and giving a cup of urine that looks like water is over. Labs test for a standard set of minerals that are commonly found in urine. Diluting urine by drinking tons of water also dilutes those minerals, if they are not present, the lab disregards the test and you fail. The best way to pass and clear your urine for a test is to dilute followed by a detox drink. These drinks are designed to mask metabolites and add minerals back to urine. When the labs conduct their regular mineral screening the urine passes although, for the most part it's still a cup of water.

Most of the better detox drinks work within an hour and last for about 4 hours before your body starts expelling detectable metabolites again. Making a Detox, the best method for passing.

Natural Detox Time-line

If you're not under any time restrains and would rather just get an idea. It can be broken down to the following time line for detectable THC in urine.