Urine tests are one of the most common forms of drug screenings. No matter where or why you're going to be tested, chances are it will be a 5 panel urine test. So it's important to know how long THC stays in your urine and how to detox quickly if needed.

First, is there any THC in your urine? The time it takes for your body to stop expelling THC metabolites depend on how much you have used, how often you have used and the last time you smoked pot.

Is THC in Your Pee?

If you have only smoke a joint or bowl in the last three months, chances are you will have cleared your system in about 3 weeks. But if it's been less that 3 weeks since you smoked, you have about a 50% chance of passing. But, let's say you're where a chronic smoker and decided to stop smoking pot over 3 months ago. The chances of you passing are 80% to %99. That's because, on average THC is not in your system after three months. As you can see the most important factor to consider is when was the last time you smoked weed.

Let's break it down to time clean and chances of passing, no matter your use or body fat percentage.

Time Clean Chances of Passing
24hrs 1% to 5%
3 Days 5%
1 Week 5%
3 Weeks 40% to 50%
1 Month 50%
3 Months 80%
6 Months+ 95% - 100%

This is a rough estimate, but it should come very close no matter how much or how often you used to use marijuana. As you can see, the length of time you have clean makes a huge difference in the chances of passing a drug test.

Can you Speed up Detox times?

Whenever you use Cannabis or ingest THC in any form, that includes edibles, smoking, vaping; your body will store THC. The problem with this is, THC is stored in fat cells then slowly release as fat cells are metabolized. Once the fat cells metabolism, THC is reintroduced to your system and expelled.

This whole process takes time and truthfully, although you can do things to speed it up. The length of time it takes to get THC out your urine doesn’t change by much. But, it's important to still do what you can to naturally detox.

How Can You Get THC out of Your Urine Quick?

There is only one real method that can help you clean out your system fast, Dilution. That's drinking a lot of water. Flushing out your system of all traces of THC by drinking tons of water. Basically, you want to pee out water. The problem with this is, labs now check for diluted urine. Since about 1999 all major labs started testing urine samples for the presence of creatinine and urea. If you have diluted your system to the point of no THC. Then you also won't have any trace of Urea, Creatinine or any other minerals.

OK, so what can you do?

Flush and replenish! Drink enough water to completely dilute your pee then use a Detox Drink to replenish. You want to know why most people fail their drug test?, two possible reasons.

  1. Did Not totally clear their system
  2. Didn’t use a detox, or didn't use it right

How to use a THC detox drink, easy drink plenty of fluids. Until you're confident that your urine is clear and clean, then use the detox drink. The only 100% way of passing is staying away from any drugs and allowing your body to detox itself.