If you are faced with a hair strand drug test, pay close attention. People have passed using this method!

You Can Pass The Hair Analysis Drug Test!!

Hairgrows at a rate of .5 inches a month. Usually about 50 strands of hair are cut for sampling. The hair is cut from the crown or close to the crown. BUT .. a hair sample can be taken from any part of your body. A 0.5 inch length of hair represents the last 30 days. Mostly all test will test the first 1.5 inches closest to the scalp. That will test for the presence of drug in the last 90 days. So if you have used drugs in the previous 3 months, it will test positive. Because they will usually test the first 1.5 inches. If you haven't done any drugs for the last 4+ months, you may be in the clear.

Did You Know, There is a Safe Period When Drugs Wont Show!

There is a safe period of less than a week. Usually up to 4 days after using. So for example, lets say you have never done drugs. Then all the sudden, last night, you decided to try pot. You won't test positive for drugs for the next 4 days. After 4 days, the testable hair follicle will grow above the scalp.

Like I mentioned before, any body hair can be tested! This is without exception. Chest, armpit and even pubic hair can and has been used! Body hair grows at a completely different rate. It also only grows to certain lengths. A hair follicle test preformed on a pubic hair can show years worth of drug use history. Testing body hair should never be an option. Shave or Nair your body hair. As methods to cheat hair follicle testing progresses, so do ways to combat it. It is becoming more and more common. Don't be surprised if they go straight for your armpit hair. Or take hair strands from multiple locations for testing.

Drugs That Hair Follicle Test Usually Check For:

EXPANDED TESTS (May be tested for on request):

Can you pass a Hair drug test? YES!

Of course you can. Heavy drug users have pass follicle drug tests many times using the MacCujo Method. They have also passed them repeatedly. Quest Diagnostic is one of America's leading drug testing laboratories. Here is an inside look into their Quest's hair analysis routine.

Important Facts about hair drug tests( Hair Analysis ):

What is the MacCujo Method!

It is the Method with the highest success rate! I have done hours of research and this is the only way to possibly pass a hair analysis. The rate of success is also based on drugs used, how often you use and time before test. Detoxing THC from the hair is way easier than Meth or heroin. Please read, How to do the MacCujo Method.