Cocaine is considered to be one of the most addictive drugs know to man. The history of cocaine use is considered a myster. It was once thought that only anceit South American tribes had used the drug, but evendence has show, cocaine has been used globally for thousands of years.

Where Does Cocaine Come From?

Coke is know to be the most powerful, naturally derived stimulant. It is an extract of the “Erythroxylon Coca” plant that originates from the South American  Andean highlands. The Coca leaves have been used by the natives for thousands of years. It not only gives them a boost of energy but also makes dealing with the high altitudes easier.

Is Cocaine in Coca cola?

During the early 1900’s coke was used as an ingredient in Coca Cola. But to this day the Stepan Company still imports 100 metric tons of cocaine into the US. The “drug free” leaves are sold off to the Coca Cola company and the extract to the pharmaceutical Mallinckrodt company.So the popular belief that Coke was used along time ago in Coca Cola is not true, it actually still may be used.

As a recreational drug, coke can be snorted, injected or smoked

Unlike its natural leaf form, Coke is very addictive and easily abused. Recreational users are at very high risk of stroke, heart attack, respiratory failure brain haemorrhage and other life threatening health issues. Its important to understand exactly how dangerous of a drug this is. The Natives who originally used the Coca leaf never extracted the powder. Instead they made teas or chewed on a small wad of leaves. The use of leaves had very little risk and almost no addictive properties. Although they can also be abused.

1 Gram Of Pure Powder Cocaine is equal To 100 Coca Leaves

How to Pass a Drug Test For Cocaine

If you are concerned over testing positive for cocaine, you may want to consider the idea of quitting completely.Just as any other drug, Coca leaves detectable metabolites in your system. The amount of time needed for it to drop below detectable levels depends on use. Just as any other toxin, it may build up before it has a chance to exit.

When a urine sample is collected it is tested for the presence of the chemical “Benzoylecgonine”.  Benzoylecgonine is the actual metabolite that is left in your system after cocaine use. It is also a water soluble chemical, this makes it a lot easier to cleanse than THC which is stored in body fat.

Most accept the 3-5 day rule, this states that the concentration of Benzoylecgonine drops below detectable levels after a minimum of 3 days. This is not usually the case. Some studies have found frequent users can test positive for over 20 days! This did not take into account their lifestyle habits. A well hydrated individual should be able to eliminate the toxin in about a week.

If you have a weeks notice, drink a lot of water and exercise. You should be able to pass without much effort. The majority of water consumption should be throughout the week, not the day of the screening. If your urine is over diluted the laboratory may not accept it.

If you are a frequent user that may not have a week or more notice, buy a detoxifying drink. Of course staying hydrated is still a good idea. Drug history can show a lot further back in hair samples, be sure to read our hair detox guide here