Can You Pass With Pectin?

Pass a Pee Test No Matter What Drugs are in Your System

The only product that has ever had a higher pass rate then 32. Guaranteed to pass from the manufacturer. No one else can stand by their product like that. This method has been floating around for a little bit of time now. Also plenty of people have tried and tested this theory. So, let’s go over what’s needed and how to do it.

First off, if you are unfamiliar with the Certo, It is a fruit pectin. Similar to Jell-O, can be used to make jelly, jams and fruit jelly’s at home. It’s available in any supermarket or bodega.

Certo Method Item List

It’s a short and easy to obtain shopping list. Simple and it only cost a little more then 20$-30$, depending on how much you spend on Vitamin B.

  1. One packet of, Should be next to the Jell-O
  2. 32oz Lemon-Lime Gatorade
  3. One gallon water
  4. B12 Vitamins

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How to Pass a Urine Drug Test with Pectin

  1. Staring 3 hours before your drug screening
  2. Mix in the entire packet of into your 32oz Gatorade. You may need to take a few gulps before to make room.
  3. Shake it up, until it has completely dissolved. The Gatorade will turn kind of thick. Almost like jelly. Down the whole thing.
  4. Try to drink a quick cup or two of water. Then for the remainder of the time, finish off the entire gallon.
  5. You should have urinated at least 3-4 times and your urine should be completely clear. Continue drinking water and take one B12 vitamin. This will add color to your urine.

Does it Work?

YES, if done right

This is an elaborate way to dilute urine, it will it work depends on the testing facility. I would say that at least 85% of drug testing labs already detect dilution. Vitamin B12 will give your urine color, but labs use equipment that tests chemical composition. They don’t just eye ball it. The test specimens need to have traces of, proteins and other mineral found in urine.

With (Pectin Jelly) you can be clean for up to 2hrs after you have drank the last packet, but without replenishing vitamins and minerals like Creatine, the test sample is just diluted urine! Gatorade may completely unnecessary. A gallon of water and a B vitamin will produce the same result, diluted urine. Who and how ever these ideas are dreamed up is beyond me.

CertoClear is a pectin based detox product that includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to replenish urine samples.

There are Drug detox Drinks that work and are designed to mask urine. It’s matter what drugs you have tried or when was your last time. If you are unfamiliar with modern drug testing please check out Quest Diagnostic on adulterated tests. Diluting your urine may have worked 5-10yrs ago, but it won’t work as well today.

Quest is one of the largest drug testing labs out there. I would read it carefully. Or at least trust real product that have been to work.