Why You Need To Get Weed Out Of Your System

Although Canabis reform is sweeping across America and Medical Marijuana use is considered common. We are still faced with the fact that drug test still test for the presance of THC. This, unfortunatly is part of todays reality. Many are confronted with drug tests or screening when applying for a new job, suffer an on the job accedent and even some schools now drug test.

Types of Drug Screenings

There are many different forms of drug screening. Some test are more accurate than others. But you will find out that cost and security are the main consideratons.

4 Most Common Forms Of Testing

  1. Urinalysis
  2. Blood Test
  3. Saliva Test
  4. Hair Folicule Test

Employers, due to the expected volume contract testing. Urinalysis, being the cheapest and least evasive is the easiest choice. Saliva drug testing has also increased in popularity. It's just a simple swapping of the tounge that can be preformed on the spot without the use of a lab or technician.

Not as common we have Blood and Hair Folicule tests. Of the two, Hair drug test are the most accurate and can revale a history of drug use 3 month or more.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in your System?

The lenght of time it takes to naturally detox from THC can vary person to person. This is due to a few factors