Fast Detox: Flush Out THC At Home

Drug test coming up??  Flush out THC fast and at home!

To flush out the THC compound from the system can be a very hard topic to some, but the knowledge of how to, is what liberates the one who has the need to flush out THC. Firstly, THC is the abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a chemical property located in the plant- cannabis popularly known as marijuana. The frequent usage of this material causes storage of it the human system.

How to get this substance off the body in the fastest possible way, with out purchasing a detox product, is the aim of this article. Be sure also that several suggested methods are used. This article will help to show the fastest know methods to flush out THC.
Pot Marijuana joint

Since THC store in the body with the fats, the natural way will be to exercise and burn lots of fats. Run, jog, or get involved in any exercise that help burn fats. The more fats burned, the more THC expelled out of your system. You will find yourself urinating more often this period that is a good sign. Becuase you are doing this to pass a urine test, then you must try to stop the exercise 3 days before the test. Otherwise, you will find yourself peeing the very substance you were trying to cover up.


Whatever diet pills you can lay your hands on, get them. Diet pills will help quicken the body’s metabolism; the quicker you get to burn fats at this time the better you get the THC out of your system. Be warned also that abuse of this diet pills could be harmful to your body, as well.

Green tea

One very viable means to detox the body and make it clean and free of THC is constant intake of green tea. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and speeds the metabolism. Making Green Tea a powerful detox agent. It will quickly help your body get rid of the fat cells that hold THC in the body. They wipe out and help keep your body clean. They can be very fast alternatives to help flush out THC.

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This should have been the first advice, but it will still come in handy here, remember that you are trying to flush out THC from your system, you must know that it might become an effort in futility if at the point of trying to remove you still add to the already pile up. So quit smoking marijuana during the period of detox.

Drink lots of water

Cases have raised against the efficacy of water, but one can not rule out the effectiveness of water. The intake of lots water will sure help in the fast detox and flushing out of THC. Be sure you do not overdo it with water alone. Other fluids like cranberry will help detox while masking urine.

There should be the awareness that there is hardly any hard and fast rule to flush out THC. It takes gradual process to flush it out completely. So be careful not to take the wrong pills in a bind to find quick solutions.

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